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Polish Hetman

Steve Brook's Zeppelin

ECW Dragoons


.: Welcome to the Captaingeneral's Website.

This site is devoted to my hobby of Wargaming. I like all sorts of gaming, but by far and away 28mm Tabletop Games. I used to concentrate on traditional Historical battles, but have over the last few years picked up on Adventure Gaming and I have recently strayed into Board game territory.

I game every Thursday  at the MSW club in Wells Somerset. One of the oldest clubs in the Country. Very friendly and vary diverse!


.:  BLOCKBUSTER Wargames

BLOCKBUSTER Games are the brainchild of Nick Whittock and myself - where we take a famous cinematic theme and transfer it to the table top, often with the film playing in the background.





You can visit Nick's Site by clicking Below


.: Long-time Wargaming.

I've been a wargamer for the last 39 years, ever since Street Wargamers were featured on the local TV Points West program and my Dad consented to take me along.

Since that time I have played with quite a few other clubs but always stayed a member of Mid-Somerset Wargames as it became. We meet every Thursday night, and have done for the last 46 years!

I spent a lot of time in the Sealed Knot and as a result I have a large ECW army. 

I really only like gaming with 28mm figures and my armies currently are: 

Late Roman vs. Germanic Tribes. 

Early Renaissance Valois French. 

Takeda Samurai

17th C Poles, Cossacks

Napoleonic French

Bolshevik Russians in the Back of Beyond. 

Weird War II Germans and Yanks

Space Hulk

.: Board Games

Recently I have become more interested in board games that come with lots of small scale figures


Twilight Imperium

Tide of Iron

Incursion - great Weird War II action

Last Night on Earth



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